Adding Credits using Bitcoin.

The quickest way to get credits is to deposit with Bitcoin. You will receive your Credits within 15 minutes after your Bitcoin deposits is confirmed. Please create an account first, before making a Bitcoin deposit to the address below. The cost of generating one unique no repeat lotto number is 1 Credit, or 0.00001 BTC about $0.10 USD. 

Available Credits

Add Credits using Bitcoin. $1 = 0.0001 BTC

To increase your Credits, just send any amount of Bitcoins equal or greater than 0.0001 BTC to the address below. Credits are used to pay for unique lotto number generator service at the rate of one Credit per one set of unique lotto numbers. unique lotto number are numbers you can use at your local lottery retailer to purchase a real lottery ticket. This number is not the actual lottery ticket.  Minimal BTC deposit is $1, or 0.0001 BTC.

To add Credits using Bitcoin, just click the Blue button below.

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