UniqueLotto.com is a website that is designed to help you to increase your odds of winning the lottery by eliminating repeated lotto numbers. Each time a member from UniqueLotto.com generates a lotto number, it is checked against the lotto database for repeated numbers. The process continues until a no repeat set of lotto numbers is generated.  The price for each generation is one credit, or about $0.10 USD.

          Unique Lotto Number Generator  will help you generate a unique set of lotto Numbers that will never be repeated again before the next lotto drawing date.

         Have you ever wished that you can win the lotto jackpot of your country, and not sharing the winnings? Now you can, with UniqueLotto.com. On this site each generated lotto number is unique and none repeated, until the next drawing. After each drawing, all generated numbers will be erased from the database and it’s ready to generate new numbers again. The cost to generate a set of unique lotto number is one credit, or 10 cent USD. There are three ways to get credits. First, you can purchase 100 credits to 1,000 credits from our store. Second,  you may deposit Bitcoin to your bitcoin deposit address, once your bitcoin deposits is confirmed, you will receive credits based on the total amount of BTC you have deposited. Thirdly, If you have a friend who already have UniqueLotto.com credits, they can send it to your account’s email address, there is no wait time when your friend transfers credits to you. If you have any questions, concerns, or feature requests, feel free to contact us.

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